Our 3 Step Financial Planning Process

Vintage Wealth Advisors places our clients’ needs at the forefront of every financial decision. We are independent advisors, which means we provide clients with advice, centered on their specific needs and concerns. Our team is not here to push proprietary products. We simply provide objective advice to help our clients pursue financial independence. Each strategy that we develop is meant to provide clients with a proactive and actionable plan to implement in order to begin working towards their financial goals.  Our financial planning process includes three actionable steps: analysis, strategies and actions.



Our comprehensive approach to wealth management begins with an extensive evaluation of your current financial situation. With an understanding of your needs and priorities, our team is able to develop a detailed and custom foundation for your financial plan.


We take the time to process and thoroughly examine your unique needs in order to identify and propose the most appropriate strategies for your short and long-term financial goals.


The financial plan that we develop serves as the roadmap to your financial future. We work closely with you to take action based on the strategies that we’ve developed and proactively assess and manage ongoing risks and opportunities.